Artistic gatherings, vintage rallies, book fairs, blossom festivals… They are all happening here, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Don’t miss out on these fabulous events in France and Spain this month.

Málaga Festival
13-22 March, Málaga, Spain

Since Money Heist and Pain & Glory, Spanish cinema and television have taken the world by storm. At the Málaga Festival, the greatest Spanish films and most legendary celebrities are honoured and celebrated on the silver screen.

Spring Arts Festival
13 March – 11 April, Monte Carlo, Monaco

Where else than in Monaco can you enjoy top-notch culture and soothing spring weather? With the Spring Arts Festival, the tiny nation presents the greatest classical music, opera and ballet with a contemporary twist, creating an unforgettable, artistic voyage.

Photo © Festival de Malaga

International Tango Festival
17-22 March, Granada, Spain

During the International Tango Festival, the city of Granada bursts with love and passion. For the 31st time, the event gathers the best musicians, greatest dancers and most enthusiastic spectators around. So, dust off your stilettos, pick a bright-red rose and dance the weekend away underneath the Andalusian sun.

Paris Book Fair
20-23 March, Paris, France

Despite the many digital tools that we have at our fingertips today, the book industry is still alive and kicking. If you’re looking for the next novel for you to devour, you can peruse away at the Paris Book Fair. As one of the biggest fairs of its kind in Europe, it welcomes 3,900 authors and 160,000 readers from 50 different countries. If you can’t find the perfect book here, you probably won’t find it anywhere.

Design Biennale. Photo © Wikipedia

International Vintage Car Rallye Barcelona-Sitges
21-23 March, Sitges, Spain

You’ve got two kinds of people: those who love brand-new cars and those whose mouth waters when thinking about retro old-timers. If you belong to that last group, you cannot miss the annual International Vintage Rallye from Barcelona to Sitges. For three days, you can spot the classic cars and their appropriately-dressed drivers as they roam passed the Mediterranean shores that connect the two cities.

International Design Biennale Saint-Étienne
21 March – 22 April, Saint-Étienne, France

After two years, the Design Biennale of Saint-Étienne opens its gates again. On the menu there are exhibitions, activities and conferences aplenty, all held in the stunning Cité du Design. Yet, in all other corners of the city, you will bump into a likeminded crowd and some unexpected beauty, as well.

Cherry Trees in Blossom Festival. Photo © Unsplash

Cherry Trees in Blossom Festival
27 March – 4 April, Jerte, Spain

As much as we love the taste of cherries, a cherry tree is at its best when it shows its pretty pink blossoms. In Extremadura’s Jerte, they wholeheartedly agree. So much so that they host a big festival every time the trees grow flowers. Expect medieval markets, culinary tastings, open-air celebrations and stunning vistas of the flower-packed valley.

Normandy Impressionist Festival
3 April – 6 September, Normandy, France

While the era of Impressionism lies more than a century and a half behind us, the region of Normandy keeps the spirit alive. At their annual Impressionist Festival, they celebrate the movement’s style and values through exhibitions, cinema, activities and installations with a contemporary twist.

Paris Marathon. Photo © Amelie Dupont, Tourism Paris

Paris Marathon
5 April, Paris, France

The Paris Marathon is one of Europe’s most important long-distance running events. It kicks off at the Champs-Élysées, crosses the city and finishes at the Place de la Concorde. The speed record belongs to the Ethiopian athlete Kenenisa Bekelle, who finished in no more than two hours and five minutes. Could you do better?

Night of the drums
7-12 April, Mula, Spain

On the night from Holy Tuesday to Good Wednesday, the city of Mula moves to the beat of the drums. From midnight until 4am, people dressed in black hit the drums as they walk through town. When drummers encounter each other, a so-called ‘pángana’ happens; a spontaneous showdown between both of them.

Normandy Impressionist Festival; exposition of Bruno Peinado.

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