Cycle races, tattoo conventions, theatre festivals, lemon extravaganzas… They are all happening here, in Southern Europe. Don’t miss out on these fabulous events in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal this month.

Milano Tattoo Convention
7-9 February, Milan, Italy

Body art aficionados may well have heard of the Milano Tattoo Convention. This annual fair features the greatest tattoo artists, the most beautifully decorated bodies and gives you the chance to add a new chapter to the living artwork that is your body, as well.

Milano Tattoo Convention. Photo © Paolo Soro

Strasbourg Mon Amour
7-16 February, Strasbourg, France

Where better to celebrate the day of love than in a romantic city like Strasbourg? For the occasion, the city fills itself with opera, poetry and atmospheric music. You and your better half can stroll through romantic gardens, dance slowly through the ballroom or plunge into the pool together while accompanied by atmospheric lighting. And even your children, the fruit of many a love story, are welcome to experience an unforgettable afternoon of animation.

Les Nuits Caraibes
7-15 February, Martinique, Marie-Galante and Guadeloupe, France

France is so much more than just the mainland. At its Caribbean territories, music and colours are king. During Les Nuits Caraibes, international musicians of all sorts (from classic to musical and flamenco) head south to give it their best during a hugely entertaining concert and many a delightful cocktail party.

Photo © NauticSud

8-16 February, Napoli, Italy

Boat lovers, set sail to NauticSud! As one of Europe’s biggest events on boats and sailing, it is an inspiring place to learn about ships, buy yourself a (not-so-) humble sloop or dream away at the mere sight of the floating villas. Talk to the experts, fall in love with a yacht and perhaps you will set sail homewards in your own craft.

9-15 February, Gijón, Spain

Or, the European Performing Arts Fair for Children. This event is a fun and educational way to introduce your offspring to the wonderful world of theatre. Both in the auditoriums as on the city streets, magical things will occur, tickling the lively imaginations of your little ones.

FETEN. Photo © Cultura Gijon

Lemon Festival
15 February – 3 March, Menton, France

Lemon is so much more than a healthy addition to your cuppa. In Menton, it is almost a religion. Annually, the fruit is the protagonist of a Vitamin C-induced parade. Alongside limes and oranges, lemons give colour to lush floats that parade through the coastal town’s boulevards.

Stew Fair
16 February, Lalín, Spain

Stewing is one of the main pillars on which the Spanish cuisine is built. The so-called ‘cocido’ knows a myriad of uses in the hands of a Spanish chef; from stocks to main courses and pasta dishes. In Lalín, they therefore celebrate it with brass band parades, speeches, floats and – of course – a soothing plate of fresh cocido to top it off.

Photo © Lemon Festival

Volta ao Algarve
19-23 February, Algarve, Portugal

Where France has the ‘Tour’ and Italy the ‘Giro’, Portugal has the Volta ao Algarve; a challenging cycling race through the country’s most beautiful region for internationally praised cyclists. If you are more of a participant, rather than a spectator, you can ride the Granfondo yourself on the final day. This 121-kilometre trail for the most skilled amateur cyclists will prove to be a worthy challenge.

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