It’s a fact that traditional events are expensive, and not just financially. They take up hours, and in a lot of cases, days of people’s time. Additionally, the environmental cost is high, leaving a large carbon footprint for even the simplest of in-person events. Online events have simplified some of these issues, but the current available platforms tend to be boring, lacking interactivity and opportunities to network and carry out business activities.

This is where Virtway Events comes in. Its 3D technology is changing the way the world is doing business meetings and events. Events on its platform are incredibly life-like and allow for a real-life social experience. People genuinely interact, get to know each other and network. And what’s more, you don’t need any expensive Virtual Reality headsets to access these events.

Virtway Events is modernising corporate events, taking the user experience to the next level. People are connected in virtual 3D platforms from their own phones, tablets or computers, with 3G connectivity being the minimum requirement. Their platform is for your everyday business meetings, international conferences, job fairs, even trade shows, and can accommodate an infinite amount of people in the same platform.

Thanks to this technology, events of all shapes and sizes are possible. From virtual team-building activities, training sessions or board meetings to even bigger events like networking conferences and international summits, the opportunities are endless. Companies are significantly lowering the cost of their events, and also committing to a greener future given that less business travel results in a significant drop in a company’s carbon footprint.

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Virtway Events’ 3D virtual spaces can be tailored to the needs of the company and each virtual room can hold up to 500 avatars. As an attendee, you create your own avatar which moves around, exchanges business cards, and uses your own voice to converse. Workers make the most of each event by connecting with the right people, learning about new topics and representing their company… all from the convenience of wherever they are.

A key benefit that makes virtual events so relevant for companies today, is the metrics and big data available throughout the event. Virtual events can provide event participants with essential information, offering accurate data about their audience’s interactivity before, during and after an event.

The advantages presented by Virtway Events’ technology open up a whole new range of possibilities to do business online. It is delivering a new generation of personalised experiences that are easy to access, immersive, sustainable and, most importantly, more life-like than ever.

Virtway Events_Discover Southern Europe

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