What’s awaiting us tomorrow is a mystery. But, if you want to catch a glimpse of the future, Southern Europe’s vibrant start-up and innovation scene might be the place to look. French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese visionaries are coming up with life-altering ideas daily and manage to turn them into reality in no-time. Welcome to Southern Europe’s future.

Portable beats

As every music aficionado knows, experiencing music is about more than just hearing the tunes play in your ears. It is all about feeling the beats. With BassMe, you can now take those beats with you, anywhere you go. Attach this French plug-and-play device on your chest, connect it to your headphones (by cable or Bluetooth) and it will pump the beats straight through your body without anyone around you hearing a thing.

The make-up robot

Doing your make-up takes plenty of valuable mirror time as your skin never looks quite the same as the day before. L’Oréal’s brand-new Perso device creates your perfect facial cream in a heartbeat and dispenses it straight away. Based on a selfie you make, your personal data, your preferences and on other factors like the weather, air quality and humidity, it calculates the optimal solution. Two other Perso devices provide you with a custom-made foundation or lipstick every morning. They even allow you to colour-match the colour with your outfit or the latest trends.

Digital detox

When plenty of other methods to quit smoking have failed already, the Italian sober-buddy LIFEBOX might be what you need. After determining your dependency level through the app, it calculates your ideal kick-off schedule. The app helps you stick to the plan and motivates you along the way, but it is the electronic cigarette safe that helps you resist the temptation. As it only opens as many times per day as your schedule allows you to smoke cigarettes, it will push you to stick to the plan and be smoke-free in no-time.

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