Saying that a picture is worth more than a thousand words may sound like a cliché, but it happens to be true. And if we put image and word together, Amagifilms appears: a Madrid-based audio-visual company specialised in conference recordings, event broadcasting and photography in Spain. 

To many companies, thinking about the audio-visual part of their events is a hard nut to crack. That is why Amagifilms offers its clients a personalised, all-round service with a professional production specialist who oversees the entire process, leaving no room for errors. “An essential ingredient for a company to function is passion for your work. We are committed to every event or project,” says Bárbara Sokol, the executive producer at Amagifilms.

The cinematic expertise of this audio-visual company, that works in English and Polish as well, allows each project to be treated in a unique, individual way. This is how Amagifilms creates extraordinary videos that fit the customer’s vision perfectly. “We specialise in corporate events and take care of it from beginning to end; from the set-up of the equipment, to the recording, broadcasting or event photographing,” explains Sokol. The Amagifilms flagship product is the ‘aftermovie’, a unique video that becomes an audio-visual memory of your event. Barbara Sokol is not wrong in saying that “quality videos or photos project a brand image of trust and excellence.” How do you get that? By taking care of every single detail. “Because no project is too big or too small for us.”

So, if you are organising an event in Spain and you need an audio-visual partner, Amagifilms has all the tools and skills to guarantee your success.



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