Sustainability is a hot topic. We are now more conscious than ever that how we live affects the planet. Even the houses we choose to live in could have a drastic impact on our carbon footprint.

For some companies, sustainability is nothing new. Blakstad is a design consultancy firm that has been building dreamy, Ibizan-style houses for decades, all the while striving to fit the design into the environment, to maintain harmony with the natural elements.

Rolph Blakstad, founder of the company, was fascinated by how the crystalline houses were part of the land. He described the architecture of Ibiza as “part of an organic, living relationship between man and nature.”

Blakstad designs with this premise in mind. “We understand sustainability as a key part of the design, the orientation of the houses, how to maximise the light and ventilation to save energy,” says Rolf Blakstad, son of Rolph and head of design.


Casa Nemo.

Its ethos is to conserve the cultural significance of the island while combining new and efficient building techniques to suit contemporary lifestyles.

Even though its approach to design is traditional, it keeps up with the latest architectural trends that can improve the design but also minimise the environmental impact. Houses are built to make the most of the natural light, placing skylights and windows strategically. It uses materials with a high thermal mass that reduces room temperature during the day, but keeps it warm later in the day.

The key to having a conscious approach to building starts with the design; thinking ahead about how the structure is going to be in harmony with the landscape, studying the terrain and the vegetation to make the most of it but always respecting it.


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