Hosted in the beautiful Italian region of Alto Adige, and with Bolzano as its pulsating heart, Transart is one of the most important multidisciplinary festivals for contemporary culture.

Experimental and innovative, Transart takes the audience on a fascinating journey which explores the most interesting projects when it comes to the arts and the international contemporary culture panorama.

Often taking place in just as experimental and unusual locations, including both abandoned and functioning factories, mountain huts and universities, Transart focuses on exploring different forms of art and culture, with these being classical music, electronic music, performance, theatre, exhibitions, films and new technologies.

Transart festival

Roman Signer, A concert with trouble.

“Transart is the unheard, the unexpected and the unpredictable,” says artistic director Peter Paul Kainrath. “Energy is certainly one of the most incredible things in the Transart festival. Often it is the artists who interpret the energy of a particular place (taking first the time to understand its story and personality) and then turn this same energy into a powerful artistic project which is both original and contemporary.”

Transart © Tiberio Sorvillo, Mutek Plays Transart, The Advanced Clubbing

©Tiberio Sorvillo, Mutek Plays Transart, The Advanced Clubbing

“The public knows that when it comes to Transart performances, you can expect everything. When attending one of our festival events, they might find themselves walking to the highest mountain just to listen to the sound of nature, or play a part in a particular performance. Or, why not, even find themselves alone with the performer to reflect on the meaning of life.”

Boasting great names including Marina Abramović, Nils Frahm, Laurie Anderson, Blixa Bargeld and Omar Souleyman, Transart has quickly built a strong reputation all over Europe and is now one of the most anticipated events of the autumn.

Thanks to Edna King for the music track, video by Max Valenti

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Festival Of Contemporary Culture In South Tyrol

The program of #Transart19 is online!


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