Citrus-coloured houses stand along the river, ceramic tiles glint in the sun, and the sultry sound of flamenco drifts through open doorways. This is the district of Triana in Seville, one of the birthplaces of flamenco. Here, in this old gypsy barrio sits the Teatro Flamenco Triana, the only theatre in Seville dedicated exclusively to flamenco.

The theatre only opened its doors last year, but it’s already widely regarded as one of the best places to see flamenco in the city. This is because the theatre belongs to the Cristina Heeren Foundation, the largest flamenco school in the world, and the only one where guitar, singing and dance are taught all together.

“We decided to build it in Triana, because we wanted to bring flamenco back to the place where it was created,” says Alexandra Hoffer, artistic director at the Teatro Flamenco Triana.

Teatro Flamenco Triana: Experience flamenco in its true birthplace

“Although the theatre is connected to the flamenco school, students do not perform there: only former students who are now renowned artists and professionals,” explains Hoffer. Some of these include people such as Antonio Molina ‘El Choro’, Luisa Palicio, Lucia la Piñona, Maise Marquez and Alberto Sellés. The theatre showcases the most traditional form of flamenco, with just one female dancer, one male dancer, one singer and one guitar player.

The theatre itself is much smaller than most theatres and has a very intimate feel where you can see the artists up close, feel the rhythm of the pounding feet, and see the expressions on the dancer’s faces. “We don’t serve drinks or tapas because we want people to give the artists the true respect they deserve,” says Hoffer.


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