Whether heading far or near, moving to a new country is always a challenge. While the language barrier is a definite hindrance, many other logistical and cultural aspects of being an expat can be disorienting. ExpatSymphonie, a Paris-based onboarding company, works with businesses to give their international hires a warm Parisian welcome, helping them in all steps of the expatriation process so as to continue their professional career as smoothly as possible.

Katia Lambert and Sophie Reffet, the minds behind ExpatSymphonie, are no strangers to international living. In many ways, the company is a product of their own expatriate experiences, after their professional lives led them to move abroad themselves. Expatriation, as they realised, is a complete change of parameters, and they both admit how much they would have appreciated a little push from an onboarding company. And because none existed, they created their own.

ExpatSymphonie is a personalised accompaniment service designed around the needs of professionals moving to Paris. This includes prior correspondence, the completion of important admin work, as well as an airport pick-up – straight to their client’s new, hand-picked apartment. Their guidance streamlines the nitty-gritty process of expatriation, allowing foreign employees to separate their personal and professional integration. The serenity offered by ExpatSymphonie helps expats adjust to their new work environment, allowing for an efficient transition into the company and maintaining the balance between the teams.

Beyond their expatriate experience, what sets ExpatSymphonie apart is their commitment to their clients. From their days abroad, Katia and Sophie know the importance of wellbeing in the workplace: to that end, they are always ready to jump in and help out with a problematic aspect of their expat clients and their families. For expats who have come this far, it’s worth going the extra mile.

ExpatSymphonie: Going the extra mile


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