At Discover Southern Europe, we have always aimed to showcase our region to the world in all its cheerful glory. We are utterly proud of what these magnificent countries have on offer and, therefore, want to tell their stories to as big an audience as possible. That’s why we have decided to specialise ourselves even more and focus solely on France and Spain, from here on. And that, we will do under the banner Discover France & Spain.

Few regions in the world are as diverse as Southern Europe. While it accounts for just a fraction of the European mainland, it counts more flavours, cultures, sights and industries than you can possibly explore in a lifetime. As we want to show you everything there is to see in these countries, covering all four Southern-European nations was just too big of a challenge. That’s why we have decided to focus on our two absolute favourite ones: France and Spain.

Discover Southern Europe becomes Discover France & Spain

As the first- and second-most-touristic country in the world, France and Spain welcome around 170 million tourists per year. In comparison: that’s about as much as the United Kingdom, the United States and China combined. Some come for the delicious food, pearl-white beaches and impressive metropoles, others for its mighty mountains, picture-perfect hamlets and exquisite wines. Whatever type of holiday it is you crave for, France and Spain sure have the perfect destination for you.

Yet, they offer more than just leisurely holiday fun. With cities like Paris, Madrid and Barcelona; ports like Valencia and Le Havre; century-old trading instincts; and family recipes aplenty, France and Spain are also business forces to be reckoned with. To date, the countries are fertile grounds for innovation and world-altering ideas. So, dare to look beyond the playas and charming villages and discover France and Spain’s vibrant business scene.

So, while our name changes and our focus slightly shifts, our sole goal remains to share our passion for this region with you and tell all its fascinating stories. Join us, the Discover France & Spain-team, as we commence our exciting journey through the country of croissants and the nation of paella.

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