Film festivals, sports events, Christmas markets, light celebrations… They are all happening here, in Southern Europe. Don’t miss out on these fabulous events in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal this month.

Misty Fest

1 – 30 November, Portugal

Where most music festivals bring people together, Misty Fest divides and conquers. In November, the festival strikes down in Porto, Lisbon and plenty of other Portuguese cities. With amazing national and international talents taking the stage, it will be a nationwide, month-long, musical adventure.

Photos: Misty Fest. Left to right: Nitin Sawhne | Maria Mendes


11 – 17 November, Espinho, Portugal

The world of animated films is way more diverse than what Disney and the like have led us to believe. At Cinanima, the best Portuguese and international animated features hit the big screen, some of which are not quite meant for a family audience.

Montier Photo Festival

14 – 17 November, Montier-en-Der, France

Pictures of animals: really, who doesn’t like them? At the annual photo festival of Montier, you can discover the most stunning, beastly shots of the year. The festival is also a gathering of the greatest photographers of France and beyond, so you will most definitely be in good company. The artists who’ve captured our furry friends best, will walk home with the most prestigious awards in the field.

Photo: Festival de Montier © Laurent Geslin

Festa del Torrone

16 – 24 November, Cremona, Italy

Nothing says winter like a sweet piece of torrone. Although the confectionery exists in almost all of Southern Europe (be it under names like turrón or nougat), the Italians are convinced that theirs is the absolute best. That’s why, in the city of Cremona, they kick off the holidays with a festival for this sugary treat. Try the delicacy in all its forms, take a workshop with your kids or witness one of the many folkloristic happenings.

Torino Film Festival

22 – 30 November, Turin, Italy

The international film festival of Turin is the second-biggest one in Italy. With its diverse programme, covering all corners of the world, it sets itself apart from the big, America-focused giants. At Torino Film Festival, young prodigies and underappreciated talents get a chance to show the industry what they’re worth, which might just skyrocket their careers.

Photo: Festa del Torrone

Strasbourg Christmas market

22 November – 30 December, Strasbourg, France

While strolling through the picturesque alleys of Strasbourg, it always feels a bit like Christmas. From late-November until the end of the year, millions of twinkling lights, odorant mulled-wine shops and the familiar sound of Christmas carols complete this jolly experience as France’s brightest Christmas market opens its doors once again.

Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena

24 – 30 November, Cartagena, Spain

At the international film festival of Cartagena, the film industry celebrates all sorts of cinema. Short films, long features, documentaries, animations, student films… they are all screened alongside each other in the cosy halls of Cartagena’s cinemas, competing for the festival’s desired awards.

Photo: Christmas Market Strasbourg © Atout France, Jean-François Rollinger

Canary Islands Olympic Sailing Week

4 – 8 December, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

While winter takes over all of Europe, the Canary Islands keep enjoying their eternal summer. Join the high-temperature fun during the Gran Canaria Olympic Sailing Week, an exciting regatta in which over ten European countries compete against each other with sail and rudder.

Festival of Lights

5 – 8 December, Lyon, France

Nothing matches the dark winter nights better than a warm beacon of colourful light. During the first weekend of December, the city of Lyon traditionally commemorates the end of the plague in the 17th century. Throughout the centuries, this festival came in many different forms. But, for the last decennia, Lyon has celebrated this joyful day with mesmerising light art.

Left to right: Festival of Lights © Yann Caradec | © Unsplash

Il Mercato nel Campo

7 – 8 December, Siena, Italy

What is Tuscany if not a gastronomical paradise? During Il Mercato nel Campo, all those typical delicacies are sold, prepared and promoted at the legendary Piazzo del Campo in Siena. While the kids enjoy the many fun activities on the side, adults can dive into the wide assortment of timeless classics and intriguing novelties.

Photo: Plazza del Campo © Unsplash

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