B2B Rocks
12 September, Paris, France

As a start-up selling to other businesses, developing your initial client base can be hard to do. In Station F, Paris’ most dynamic start-up greenhouse, B2B Rocks shows these enthusiastic beginners how to work their way into the offices of established companies and skyrocket their B2B or SaaS business.


Women in Leadership Summit
12 – 13 September, Barcelona, Spain

Never before in history, have as many women broken the glass ceiling as today. Yet, there is still plenty to do. During the Women in Leadership Summit, Europe’s most successful female managers join to learn, network and – most of all – inspire.


Decentral Days, Auditorium

24 – 25 September, Madrid, Spain

Spread over two days and seven halls, Codemotion is the Walhalla for everyone who can’t get enough of HTML and JavaScript. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world behind the digits and get in touch with the best developers in Spain and beyond.


De:central Days
24 – 25 September, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Internet of things, blockchain, artificial intelligence… In the 21st century, revolutionary technologies and brilliant solutions are presented to us every day. But, there still are plenty of hurdles we have yet to tackle. During the De:central Days, companies can present their digital solutions to problems of our time to possible partners or clients and put their project on the fast track.


Decentral Days, Auditorium

Global HR Trends Summit
26 September, Milan, Italy

No resources are as vital to a company as its human resources. During the Global HR Trends Summit, Europe’s finest HR Managers give you an update on what’s happening in their dynamic field. With companies like Facebook (which is legendary for its excellent working conditions) represented, it is bound to be an enlightening day.


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