Have you ever had the pleasure of being truly chauffeured? No, not merely in a taxi. A real chauffeur is more than just a driver: they are true professionals, assistants, even confidantes. For them, it really is about the journey and not just the destination.

At Blai Limousines, they strive to make each journey special. Each client deserves the best. When Mr Blai Matons founded the company, he wanted to create something different. He knew that chauffeuring is more than just the mere act of taking someone from one place to another, but should be an experience, personalised to match each client. So, he made it his mission to turn it into an art.

They have more than 55 years of experience and a very impressive client list. Mr Blai Matons himself was the personal driver and adviser of Salvador Dalí, and since then, they have been looking after important personalities in the world of music – like Madonna and Bruce Springsteen – Hollywood actors, royal families and world leaders.

Each journey is different, and each driver is trained to understand each individual, to assess how best to interact with the customers in every situation. They speak English and Spanish, among other languages, and they are required to have at least five years of experience as a driver. The company matches the driver with the customer for optimal results. And one thing is certain: the driver’s aim is to exceed your expectations and make your journey unforgettable.

2 BlaiLimousines01_Mr Blai Matons

Mr Blai Matons.

“Our offering is completely bespoke,” explains Alex Maillon, Blai Limousines’ director of sales and marketing. “We understand every customer is different and has different needs. This is why we work extremely hard to learn their needs and match them to the best driver and car to create the perfect experience.”

If you are visiting a Spanish city for the first time, they also offer tours of four-to-eight-hours to see the most picturesque places around from the comfort of your own private, luxurious vehicle.

The market for chauffeurs has certainly changed since Mr Matons was driving Salvador Dali, so Blai has been refining their offering to achieve the highest standards. They can provide transport to an event for thousands of people, or chauffeur a royal family with the requirements and protocol that it requires. Both very different jobs, but both treated with the utmost respect and enthusiasm from everyone involved in providing the service.

The company uses first-class vehicles that have all the comforts and safety requirements for every type of journey. They are also very aware of the impact of transportation on the planet, so they are working towards helping the environment by upgrading their fleet to electric vehicles and reducing the use of the more polluting forms of transportation.

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