Buying a new house can be a daunting process, but what if you could get a specially-designed, custom-made home, built exactly the way you want it?

AGi architects is a design firm that specialises in exactly that, working with clients to design and build their ideal spaces to live in. Currently, they work throughout Spain and Kuwait, in the Middle East, with many projects located in places such as Madrid and the Costa del Sol. However, with a multilingual team and a growing client list, they can design projects in various countries all across Europe.

Each house is unique and each client is different, meaning that no two designs are the same. “We like designing properties with an international design aesthetic and a contemporary feel, fitted with quality brands, but each project is completely driven by the client and what they want,” says managing director Daniel Muñoz.

The firm works with a variety of budgets and aims to fit the clients’ vision around this, meeting at every step of the way with various teams such as lightings or interiors. Currently, they are designing several luxury properties in Marbella.

“We listen to what type of vision our clients have for their home, but we also ask them about their lifestyle, their hobbies and family dynamic, helping them to realise what type of home they actually want and advise them on how we can do that for them,” says Muñoz. “The clients’ dream is not just one vision: if it’s a couple or a family, each person has their own idea, so it’s our job to bring all those ideas together to create one cohesive design.”

AGi architects always aims to use local materials in its designs. On its projects in the Costa del Sol, the firm has used locally-sourced stone to help emulate the traditional style. “We also ensure our designs are as sustainable as possible. Many of our designers are passive house-certified, focusing on energy efficiency to reduce a building’s ecological footprint,” explains Muñoz.

The company is primarily a design firm, but as well as designing your ideal home, they can also help you find the perfect location, advise on which markets are doing well and where, and what you could sell the property for later down the line.

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