The days that gaming was a dorky hobby, limited to the sanctuary of college boys’ dark basements, lie far behind us. Today, games are cooler than ever, and professional players are unaltered superheroes. Many people believe the heart of the gaming industry lies in the United States or Asia, yet true gaming aficionados know that we can be proud of the European industry, as well. In France, you will find some of the most successful and limitlessly creative developers in the world. We introduce you to the absolute top players in the field. But not before we guide you to the greatest gaming conventions in the country.

Art to Play
16 – 17 November 2019, Nantes

At Art to Play, video games, manga and pop culture collide. Amidst the Japanese characters and musical intermezzo’s, it features plenty of sneak previews and demonstrations of the latest French games.

Game’in Reims
23 – 24 November, Reims

For two days a year, Reims is all about esports. Over 300 professionals and semi-professionals head to the convention to crush the competition in League of Legend, Counter Strike, Heartstone or countless other modern classics. On the side, there is plenty of cosplay, manga and comic book fun to be discovered as well.

TGS Toulouse Occitanie
30 November – 1 December, Toulouse

TGS celebrates pop culture in all its forms. Alongside cosplay, film franchises and board games, they also love all that has to do with video games. This year, they give some extra attention to virtual reality, but without losing track of the new developments in the rest of the gaming industry.

Yet to be announced

When it comes to LAN parties, DreamHack is the one to go to. This Swedish series of esports gatherings grew out to become the biggest one in the world, with hundreds of enthusiastic gamers showing up wherever they host an event. Last May, they organised an amazing session in France. When and where the next French one will be has yet to be announced.

Paris Games Week
October 2020, Paris

Paris Games Week is a field day for anyone with a heart for videogames. The biggest gaming brands sign presents, living legends are scheduled to appear and you can attend as many exciting demos and competitions as your heart desires. Don’t hold back on dressing up, either. At Paris Games Week, eccentric is the new normal. This year’s edition of the fantastic convention (which is one of the biggest in the world) has just taken place. But that shouldn’t stop you from looking forward to the next one already.

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