What inspires you? What is your source of passion, inspiration or creativity? Color palettes, materials and textures, the nature, the sea, the day-to-day architecture, the hustle-bustle of the streets… Everything around you can inspire if you look at it the right way. But perhaps most inspired by it all are the spaces of Claudia de Sousa, an interior designer from Portugal who crossed half the world in the search for her true passion.

It all started in Naples, the city where Claudia learned to love design and how to search for beauty in the daily encounter between classic and contemporary design. Milan came next; the Mecca of Italian design, as some would say. In Milan, Claudia worked with Pablo Deganello, member of the famous Archizoom studio. Here, designing had another perspective: it was more about living pleasantly without forgetting about the reality of one’s daily duties. Many years later, life took her to Beijing, working for a luxury design studio.

Claudia de Sousa: Designing the space of your dreams - Discover Southern Europe

Naples was the starting point, but her path ultimately led her to Barcelona, where she lives now and runs her own business. By uniting all these experiences, her designs have an eclectic, Mediterranean style which enchants her customers.

“We immediately felt comfortable with her approach and attitude. She developed a concept that incorporated both her and our vision, aligning our style and taste,” says one of her customers from New York, who wanted to furnish his apartment in Southern Europe.

Understanding the needs of people is the key to creating a space that matches their personalities, and no one understands those better than Claudia de Sousa.

Claudia de Sousa: Designing the space of your dreams - Discover Southern Europe


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