Imagine the tranquillity of enjoying Marbella’s beautiful beaches, rich history and vibrant architecture, then returning to your beautifully appointed accommodation to enjoy the sunset and a refreshing cocktail. The perfect day and evening.

That’s exactly what Linadela de Pasión, the mind and soul behind Linadela Interior Design (LID), interior architects based in the beautiful Costa del Sol, wants everyone to feel. Born in Sweden, she started exploring her creativity in many ways: sketching, fashion designing, and even rearranging the family home to achieve the harmony and functionality that her seven-year-old intuition was itching to express.

When she later moved to Marbella and graduated as an interior architect, she decided to start her own company, LID, with the main goal of creating spaces that combine practicality and style.

Linadela Interior Design (LID): Functional holiday-home style

Linadela de Pasión.

More than design

There are three words that are key to understanding the firm’s approach to its work: purposeful, architectural and timeless. “Interiors, whether at your home or workspace, should enrich your life, so we purposefully design the space to create an environment that is functional, that helps you find energy, be inspired and feel relaxed,” says Linadela.

Without a good foundation, even the most beautiful interiors can degrade, which is exactly why LID give even more priority to the architecture of the design before they start ‘making things pretty’. In this way, their work becomes timeless, made to last. Not just for surviving the physical wear of life, but also timeless in design, fulfilling its purpose across periods with vibrant personality, whilst staying true to the original structure.

At LID, they are very aware of the importance of matching the interior to the exterior, so they get involved in all aspects of this process. “We do everything! From the moment the client buys the property, we help with the construction, project management, interior design and styling at the end. Most of our clients are from abroad so they want a straightforward service, someone they can trust to arrange everything, to build their perfect holiday home,” says Linadela.

Linadela Interior Design (LID): Functional holiday-home style

Form meets function

Linadela describes their style as contemporary: “Each design is approached with creative eyes to take it to the next level by experimenting with different designs, materials and techniques.”

They build spaces that last, not allowing themselves to be distracted by ephemeral trends. They use materials and furniture that can withstand the test of time and prove its value. Linadela takes this so seriously, she has decided that LID will launch its own furniture line to fill a gap in the market for useful and durable statement pieces.

When not making its own furniture, the firm’s sustainable approach to sourcing furniture is noteworthy. Often, they will use local craftsmen and workshops where traditional and conservative production is critical. They will occasionally scour antiques dealers too, to find special pieces. This adds a level of authenticity and history to the home that can’t be bought in any big box furniture store.

As a Scandinavian living in Spain, Linadela has found the perfect way to merge the cosy interiors, minimalist design and use of artificial lighting from Scandi style with the Spanish obsession for the outdoors, by creating airy spaces full of natural light that are also comfy and ‘hygge’.

Before they allow their creativity to flow, the team at LID come up with a concept, following an initial study of the project. This helps set the foundations for great inspiration. They spend time getting to know their clients intimately, so they can translate their personality and vision into the space.

Linadela Interior Design (LID): Functional holiday-home style

Through ‘mood trays’ they offer a glimpse at each room once finished, with a selection of furnishings and lighting, right down to the fine details, so clients can visualise their future home.

They manage the entire project, selecting the appropriate craftsmen and builders for the work, so the client can rest assured that everything is taken care of (and won’t have to deal with any stressful situations). Once architectural work is complete, the finishing and furnishing is done. Linadela’s team style the property, leaving it ready to be lived in, enjoyed and filled with memories.

Working with clients from many different countries means culture also plays a big part in the design process. Whether they are working with clients who are looking for a minimalist approach or those who believe ‘more is more’, the goal is to always find eloquent functionality even in the most contemporary of spaces.

By combining captivating interiors, enduring furniture, and stimulating designs with a holistic approach to interior architecture, Linadela De Pasión and her team at LID can bring your dreams of beautiful relaxation in the Costa del Sol (or anywhere) into striking reality. Come in and make yourself comfortable!

Linadela Interior Design (LID): Functional holiday-home style

Telephone: + (34) 630 420 265

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