Framing an 18th-century house in the south of France is the Domaine la Garenne, a set of luxurious apartments that have been brought to life to suit a variety of occasions. Protected either side by the lush Saint Victoire mountain range, the Domaine is now a space for guests to come together and share precious moments at the very heart of the Provençal region.

Tucked among the landscapes that once inspired 19th-century artist Paul Cézanne and the Picasso family, the Domaine is located just a few minutes from the Cours Mirabeau – the main thoroughfare through the centre of nearby Aix-en-Provence. The Provençal farmhouse welcomes international guests in an elaborate setting which prioritises both luxury and comfort, privacy and sharing.

This property superbly captures the essence of Provençal living. The apartments enjoy unparalleled brightness from the Mediterranean sunshine, and are positioned for guests to enjoy balmy evenings and sunrises from the landscaped outdoor area. “We aimed to create a space that feels human and liveable, but we also wanted to respect the tranquillity of the surrounding landscape,” comments Olivier Lepizzera, owner of Domaine la Garenne.

Domaine la Garenne

High-quality fittings throughout

Guests can capture the French ‘art-de-vivre’ for themselves during their stay in one of the four apartments, which are decorated to the highest standard. Each one is equipped with high-quality fittings and can be adapted for each of its guests accordingly. With furnishings from Murano’s greatest glassmakers and the biggest names in interior design, each living space in the Domaine has been spectacularly finished down to the smallest of details.

The apartments have been designed specifically for the comfort, privacy and wellbeing of its guests: with Wi-Fi available throughout the Domaine la Garenne, along with an inbuilt music system to suit the mood of every experience. Each one has its own kitchen and dining area, and between one and two bedrooms, according to the requirements of each visitor.

A place for all occasions

The beauty of Domaine La Garenne is its versatility; welcoming guests to host their most special events. As an individual, professional or as a family or group, this 18th-century country house is the ideal location for a wedding reception, baptism, professional meeting, seminar and wellness or relaxation retreat. A selection of French wines will also be available for tasting sessions, and for a delectable conclusion to a beautiful evening.

Proximity to incredible landmarks

The property is surrounded by some of France’s most breathtaking scenery: the cliffs of the Calanques, the Alps, and the dramatic Verdon Gorge to name but a few. Visitors can also easily attend the Bol d’Or motorcycle race on the magical Castellet circuit, or the historic Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco.

Just a short distance away, visitors can discover the honey-tinted city of Aix-en-Provence with its diverse monuments and festivals, the old port city of Marseille, and Aubagne: a sleepy town with an artisanal pottery tradition. A leisurely drive throughout the region will bring you to the town of artist-inspiring Avignon, Nice and its long promenade, and Arles with its Roman amphitheatre. From the Domaine, the possibilities for exploring further afield are endless.

The region of the Mediterranean Provence is also a wonderful choice for both novice and seasoned hikers. Alongside the nearby Saint Victoire mountain range, there is also the mountain ridge of Saint-Baume and its mystic history, the shady orchards and hill-top villages of Luberon, the wild vastness of the Frioul islands or even the natural region of the Camargue – a great spot for admiring vivid wildlife such as flamingos and horses.

Domaine la Garenne

The ‘Provence’ Apartment

Adjoining the main building of the farmhouse, this apartment is lined with a terrace and provides guests with total independence. They will also have direct access to the Provençal patio to relax and unwind. It is made up of two opulent bedrooms with a separate dining area, and can accommodate between four and five people.

The ‘Patio’ Apartment

This apartment is a soft cocoon on the edge of the Saint Victoire mountain range, allowing its occupants exclusive access to the Provençal patio of the Domaine. From the garden, guests will be plunged into the fragrant aromas of the Provençal natural landscape. It is made up of one master bedroom and can fit between two and three people.

The ‘St. Marc’ Apartment

This apartment occupies a headland position at the edge of the Saint Victoire mountains, overlooking the nearby château of Saint-Marc-Jaumegarde. The elevation of this apartment means that guests can gaze over the entire property, alongside the hills and garrigue of Provence. The landscaped areas of the Domaine are also accessible to wander at leisure. This apartment has one comfortable and luxurious bedroom, which can easily accommodate two to three people.
Whether guests are travelling by plane, train, car, motorcycle or horse – the Domaine will do everything they can to accommodate their requirements.

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