The area surrounding Tours is steeped in history. Famed for its abundance of opulent castles, it was favoured by 15th-century aristocrats thanks to its beauty and proximity to Paris. For those who wish to do more than simply visit the castles, La Tortinière also offers a rare opportunity to travel back in time and stay in one.

Just ten kilometres from the city of Tours, La Tortinière is nestled in the heart of the Loire valley, just one hour from Paris by train. The 15-hectare estate welcomes guests not only in the castle itself, but equally in the former servants’ quarters and farmhouses, all transformed into charming and luxuriously modern four-star accommodation. The castle was originally built in the 1800s by the prominent Dalloz family before being bought by the Olivereau family in the 1950s and turned into a magnificent chateau-hotel. Now, three generations later, husband and wife team Anne and Xavier run this family affair, continuing the legacy left by their ancestors and offering an elegant stay in one of France’s most enchanting regions.

La Tortinière

The Olivereaus have welcomed many guests over the past 70 years, including Audrey Hepburn and former French president Georges Pompidou, with 26 rooms and six suites that appeal to families and couples alike. Whether it be in the charming chateau, the prestigious pavilion or the gardener’s chalets, tradition meets modernity in every room with its antique furniture and striking architecture allowing guests to journey back in time and experience the opulence of the elite of yesteryear, all with the added modern touch of air-conditioning and other essentials.
La Tortinière
What makes La Tortinière exceptional is not only its majestic grounds or breathtaking views over the Indre valley, but its ability to remain refined and luxurious without being ostentatious, a discrete sophistication that many of its surrounding lavish castles fail to achieve. The on-site restaurant is a prime example of this discrete luxury, offering a wide selection of food, from bistro-style to high-end gastronomy, serving local produce in a chic yet casual environment. Sample Sainte-Maure’s finest goat’s cheese or the Marigny Marmande truffle in this simply stunning setting, all while taking in the view from its terrace.

As well as visiting the historic castles, the estate offers numerous noble activities to keep you busy, from bike rental to billiards, a heated outdoor pool and even a sauna and spa service. There is also a ‘barque’ (a small rowing boat) available for those who wish to saunter along the Indre river before taking a picnic on its banks. Travel back in time and experience history and high society at this charming chateau, where discrete luxury meets timeless elegance.

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