Sharing is caring, they say. Sharing your passion for sustainability is indeed the best way to care for the environment and future generations. Sharing your eco-friendly place is caring about those who come to visit, caring about their needs, happiness, and joy. Hostal Grau is a full-caring, full-conscious Hotel Eco Boutique that will inspire you to care about what we all need most: our green planet.

There’s no place like home; there’s no doubt about it. There’s nothing better than arriving home after a long day of sightseeing in the bustling city that is Barcelona. But wait, are we talking about getting home while visiting a new city? Is it even possible, you may ask? Monica Vallejo and her team have indeed made it possible, in Hostal Grau: a cosy, eco-friendly and social-caring boutique hotel located in the epicentre of this vibrant Catalan city.

Hostal Grau | Ecocosiness in its purest form | Discover Southern Europe

“We aim to be as sustainable and socially caring as we can”, says Monica Vallejo, manager of Hostal Grau. And they are managing to do so really well. They have already achieved the Leeds and the Biosphere Tourism certifications for sustainable and continuously improving accommodations. In Hostal Grau, there’s even a room called ‘Off room’: a pilot room where electromagnetic radiation is significantly reduced (not eliminated, but reduced). They have used special painting on the walls, and installed a special WIFI connection, for instance.

Hostal Grau | Ecocosiness in its purest form | Discover Southern Europe

Furthermore, most of the furniture in the hotel comes from old buildings and has been lovingly restored. All mattresses are organic and handmade, and there are wooden recycling bins all around the hotel to raise awareness of separating rubbish, even while travelling abroad.

Hostal Grau | Ecocosiness in its purest form | Discover Southern Europe

“The idea of learning new ways of travelling motivated us to create the Hostal Grau we know today”, explains Monica. “Besides this, the current global need for sustainable improvement also prompted the concept of the eco-boutique hostel. Our guests are very conscious and are happy to find a place like ours”. Even happier they’ll be, with its new open-space kitchen and living room area, in which to enjoy local products, organic wines and homemade cakes. Who wouldn’t want to travel like that?

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