France is well-known as a hub for traditional fashion and beauty, so it is refreshing to discover home-grown brands such as Absolution Cosmetics, who do things a little differently. Founded in Paris in 2009 by entrepreneur Isabelle Carron, the company specialises in organic, accessibly-priced, healing skincare, that encourages users to renew and to absolve themselves of any less-than-healthy habits or polluted surroundings.

Everything in nature has its own ecosystem, just like your skin, explains Carron: and this idea underpins the company’s entire philosophy. Firstly, everything is certified organic, with the labels Ecocert, Greenlife, and Cosmos, and the packaging is both eco-friendly and attractive.

“Organic products work in harmony with the skin, compared to synthetic ones that the skin doesn’t recognise,” Carron says. “We ‘accompany’ the skin, rather than ‘manage’ it. Like nature, it does what it wants.”

Absolution Cosmetics, The new face of France, Discover Southern Europe

Secondly, the brand was gender-fluid ten years before the phrase became mainstream, and rejects the concept that men and women need different skincare ranges. “No-one has the same skin as the next person,” says Carron. “Of course, we are different at age 50 as at 20, but the only reason to make separate products for men and women is marketing. I never wanted to contribute to the industry’s smoke and mirrors, and make women feel bad, or treat people like idiots.”

Thirdly, the brand allows customers to mix and match products totally tailored to their changing needs. “Our skin is affected not only by the outside, but also our inner state, such as hormones, diet, stress, sleep…” explains Carron. “By listening to your skin, you can give it what it needs. It’s like mixing mayonnaise. You have the benefits of the oil, and the eggs: and when you mix them, together you create something new and beautiful.”

Absolution Cosmetics: The new face of France
Isabelle Carron.

This creativity also ensures that Absolution products actually work. “We say what it will really do, and under-promise,” Carron explains. “Our clients say that those promises are more than kept. They say their skin feels more awake.” The company’s ‘Made in France’ credentials help to support this openness, too. “The lab is in France, the workers are here; it’s about craft and quality,” explains Carron. “I absolutely want to keep prices accessible, but price is not my only criterion. Our mission is to help people rediscover beauty. In their skin, but also in the world around us. I think we have something of the French spirit in that.”

Absolution is an organic, Made-in-France skincare brand that puts respect for the skin, the planet, and the individual customer at the heart of its approach.

Boutique and treatment rooms:
La Maison Absolution 30
30 Rue des Vinaigriers
75010 Paris, France

Facebook: Absolution
Instagram: @absolution_cosmetics
Telephone: +33 (0)1 40 18 36 94

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