Founded in Paris in 2016, TealRocks Studio is the brainchild of self-taught 2D-designer Maureen Caudron and computer engineer Pierre Proudhon. Following the release of their epic adventure video game DragoDino, the design duo are developing their second game, Phenomena, where players must survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Experimenting with diverse formats and rich visuals is undoubtedly TealRocks’ forté. Players have thus far been introduced to Bob, a dragon-dinosaur hybrid on a quest to recover his egg from a colourful forest kingdom. “We love dinosaurs, but found them a little simplistic. So we combined them with a dragon – a wiser, more cunning creature. That’s how the main protagonist of DragoDino was born.” explains Caudron.

To make the game sufficiently challenging, the artist-developer duo collaborate on creative gameplay. ‘DragoDino is designed for all ages and levels, and can be replayed endlessly,” explains Caudron. Targeting the right community to enjoy the game is also a key part of the process. “It was initially inspired by people like us, who grew up with this kind of game. As it’s a one- or two-player game, their children can also play alongside.”

Their second game, Phenomena will be an entirely different format. Visually more mature, it is set in a post-apocalyptic world that has been depleted of its natural resources. The main character must quickly adapt to survive. “It’s aimed primarily at a 16 to 25 audience.” says Caudron. As they work on the prototype for Phenomena, the duo also have more ambitious plans. “Further along the line, we want to create even more diverse formats within our gaming universe.”

DragoDino is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Steam consoles.

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