Sovex GrandsChateaux has long cultivated a taste for trying new things. Here, the teams are not only experts on the Bordeaux region but on vineyards across the world, working as specialists to promote all wine cultures.

Founded in Bordeaux in 1982, before joining the Ballande group in 1998, the Sovex GrandsChateaux has carved a special place for itself in the wine merchant market. The company strives to represent every single facet of the wine world, a promise that has been kept and nurtured for more than 30 years by building strong relationships with estates and winegrowers. Today, Sovex GrandsChateaux follows its fundamental value, offering the opportunity to discover new vintages, all paired with the pure pleasure of wine tasting.

“The wine trade only has value if people get on board with new products. It’s about knowing how to create value by expanding clients’ horizons,” emphasises Daniel Immacolato, who took over as CEO of the company in 2016. Immacolato is the brave explorer venturing into these new horizons, having previously worked in Burgundy, the Rhone Valley and even Argentina. Since taking over, exploration has now become the brand’s strategic approach, taking steps forward in diversifying the wine world, notably by opening it up to regions other than Bordeaux.

Sovex GrandsChateau: Bordeaux and beyond: the new art of trading

Of course, Sovex GrandsChateaux hasn’t forgotten its Bordeaux roots, and it continues to be an esteemed ambassador of the region’s best appellations, be it large estates or small, independent vineyards. It now, however, welcomes a wide selection of wines from elsewhere. For example, the Grands Crus Classés and some of the best names in Champagne are now available alongside the most prestigious Italian listings, including the famous Super Tuscans. When it comes to ‘pleasure wines’, why not enjoy the expertise and craftsmanship of producers from Languedoc, Provence, Spain, the United States, Chile, Argentina or even Portugal?

This geographical exploration has been driven by a desire to innovate, from developing house brands (such as Toquade, a sparkling wine launched at the end of 2017), to listing other drink categories such as spirits, creams and liqueurs. These new sensory adventures reaffirm Sovex GrandsChateaux’ desire to expand clients’ horizons by constantly reinventing their tasting experience.
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