Palermo and Barcelona are separated by 2,254 kilometres. This is the trip the chef Nuncio Cona made on a Vespa from his hometown to Catalonia, a journey among the culinary styles of the Mediterranean. Now, all this knowledge is captured in 2254 Restaurant, a personal project created by this Mediterranean chef to honour this so-different-yet-so-similar cuisine.

Nuncio Cona was 20 years old when he left his hometown of Palermo and went to explore the south of Europe, driving his Vespa through all of the Mediterranean countries. Even though Barcelona wasn’t supposed to be his final stop, he ended up there when he realised how much the city had to offer. The Catalan capital became the place where Nuno could give in to his culinary curiosity through inspiration, creativity and self-expression. 12 years later, he has written a book that contains all the life-lasting memories and thoughts he had during his trip: 2254: El Viaje y la Vida de Nuncio Cona (2254: The trip and life of Nuncio Cona).

2254 Restaurant offers a broad and personal interpretation of the Catalan cuisine, influenced by what he saw in Italy and France. His signature tapas are a singular yet exquisite selection that best represents the restaurant’s identity and Nuncio’s talent. All of them have a twist that makes them unique, like the potato mochis with mascarpone, seasonal mushrooms sauce, truffle and parmesan cheese.

Enjoyed in the industrial setting with a vertical garden and an open kitchen, this food guarantees an easy-going and interactive dining experience, perfectly mirroring the pure Italian soul of the chef.

2254 Restaurant: The kitchen of Nuncio Cona - Discover Southern Europe

Patato mochis with mascarpone, mushroom sauce, truffle and parmesan cheese.

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