Among the sand dunes and turquoise sea, follow the smell of grilled fish to a cosy and not so traditional restaurant where you can try only the best of Majoreran gastronomy: a mix of exciting tastes and adventurous flavours that will make you almost forget the beach for a second.

Juan José Medialdea is the chef on a mission to make people try something more than just tapas when they visit the island. He has dedicated the past 20 years travelling the world learning countless culinary techniques, from Japan to Jamaica. And Salvaje is his place to put all these skills to a very tasty use.

Tuna steak with black garlic sauce, Restaurante Salvaje, Discover Southern Europe magazine

Tuna steak with black garlic sauce.

The menu changes every week, but the main goal is always the same: to make the most of the produce. “We focus on seasonal, fresh and top-quality products, and let the ingredients dictate what’s the right way to cook them. It’s an ancient cooking technique, a more innovative approach, a traditional style – we try to provide just what the product needs in order to bring out the best flavours,” explains Juan José.

Chef Juan José Medialdea, Restaurante Salvaje, Discover Southern Europe magazine

Chef Juan José Medialdea.

For instance, they cook the mussels following the old ways canary fishermen used to, throwing them over stones with ‘julaga’ – a typical plant of the island – that adds a smoky flavour to the mussels. It’s probably one of the purest ways of enjoying these sea delights that you will ever encounter.

Creamy chocolate and mint dessert, Restaurante Salvaje, Discover Southern Europe magazine

Creamy chocolate and mint dessert.

But it’s not all about the fruits of the sea in Salvaje. You can taste the Majoreran goat cooked in so many different ways that you won’t believe it’s the same meat: grilled ribs with a mango sauce or in tacos, ‘canary style’. The ingredients are all locally sourced, eco-friendly when possible, even some gathered from the salt-sprayed coastal flora of the island.

Afterwards, satiate a sweet tooth with their famous Majoreran goat’s cheese cheesecake, caramelised and served with fresh fruits.

King prawns in mango ‘tiger’s milk’, Restaurante Salvaje, Discover Southern Europe magazine

King prawns in mango ‘tiger’s milk’.

“We want to treat our customers to a comfortable but unique experience. We want them to feel how much tender care and respect we put into cooking each product of meat or fish,” says the chef.

It doesn’t stop at food, however. Salvaje also has a fine selection of wines to pique your taste buds. Sourced from small, local wineries, there are not many bottles alike. And all serve as ideal accompaniments to the global gastronomy.

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Reservations: or +34 660 83 96 15

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