Born out of a love for old cars and bikes, the microbrewery Petrol Brewing Company have used their technical expertise to begin formulating a fine selection of eco-friendly beers. Supplying bars throughout Paris by bicycle, they’ll soon be making their way across France.

Founder Damien Feugeas and fellow brewer Thomas Guidet are mad about old mechanical objects, and their microbrewery is their own ‘custom engine’. “We put as much passion into the creation of our beers as we do old cars and motorcycles. We’ve developed a very particular savoir-faire; meticulously selecting ingredients with precision.” Feugeas explains.

As demanding epicureans, they produce balanced, delectable beers in signature flavours. “We want to rediscover the art of brewing by using simple, local produce. Our beers are completely unfiltered and unpasteurised,” he says.

In fact, this microbrewery is particularly conscious of its environmental impact. “We try to compensate our carbon footprint by delivering bottles around Paris on foot, by bicycle or electric car.” It may be called ‘Petrol’ Beer, but locally sourced, eco-responsible ale is the only thing they’re spilling.

Petrol Brewing Company, Fine-tuned Parisian beer, Discover Southern Europe magazine

Curiosity remains at the heart of the brewing process, alongside sharing their passion with the Petrol Beer Club community. “We spend as much time creating as experimenting with new recipes, and we love sharing our quest for unique flavours,” Petrol Beer is very much a way of life, and a way to rediscover delicious craft ale.

The range includes the Coupé Ginger, Cruiser Lager, Custom IPA, Bobber Pale Ale, and the stronger Roadster IPA and Macadam Ale.

Intrigues lovers of ale can purchase their selection online at Chope Ta Biere, Ma Chopinette or directly from their website. Alternatively, you can try Petrol Beer in Paris at the Maison Plisson, D’Auteuil Brewery, l’Ile Restaurant, Celtic Corner Irish Pub and more.

Facebook: petrol brewing co.
Instagram: @petrolbeer

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