Exploring Milan? Looking for a restaurant open all day or a cosy venue for a weekend brunch? Well L’Ov Milano could be the right option, especially if you are craving anything from carbonara to eggnog.

Scrambled, poached, fried, hard or soft boiled – the accent is on the most complete food of them all, a true powerhouse of wellness: the egg – ‘L’Ov’ in the Milanese dialect. A clever wordplay, as to anyone non-local, the name L’Ov Milano bears a striking resemblance to the English word ‘love’. “The two things are connected anyway,” explains Lidia di Donato, communications manager. “The egg is the most nostalgic comfort food, something that brings us back to a family dimension, to the stories our mothers and grandmothers used to tell us, to beautiful memories. It’s about feeling pampered, and loved.”

L’Ov Milano has two branches in central Milan (a third is scheduled to open for the end of 2019) – a bistro in Viale Premuda and a newer addition in Via Solari, in the heart of the trendy fashion and design district. Both have the same cosy-meets-retro feel in common – think a New York-inspired atmosphere and the vintage furniture of the “old Milan”.

Egg lovers will be spoilt for choice, from decadent classics like Eggs Benedict to the always-popular pasta carbonara, also available in a scrumptious variation with truffle. The dishes comprise the highest quality, strictly seasonal ingredients. Organic eggs, for example, come from the woods of the Valtellina region, in the far north of Lombardy. “Hens roam free in the woods, living off the leaves of chestnut trees,” explains Lidia di Donato: and you can definitely taste the difference.

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