For any student at the end of their educational journey, one of the big questions is: ‘What next?’. The goal of a university shouldn’t just be about teaching students their discipline, but also helping human beings to acquire the skills that will help them make their way into a society desperate for change. 

In an era where digital start-ups are disrupting the global market, ESIC Business and Marketing School is investing fully in courses centred around entrepreneurship. It is assisting its alumni in transforming their innovative ideas, both into solvent businesses and strong brands that are breaking the moulds of a tired society, insightful new companies that are committed to transforming the future for the better.

Transforming individuals

ESIC was founded 55 years ago as the first school of marketing in Spain. It started with a small group but has grown into an established institution today. ESIC Business and Marketing School has grown rapidly, now comprising 12 campuses all over Spain, offering its students some of the best degrees and postgraduate programmes in marketing as well as in communication, public relations, digital business and other syllabuses related to the business sector. It has more than 140 international agreements with institutions from all over the world.

It is committed to transforming individuals, to give them the qualifications and skills necessary to be key players in this ever-changing global marketplace and society. To be on top of the latest trends in the industry and to be able to adapt to dramatic technology changes.

The school teaches the most relevant disciplines in the world of marketing, business management and digital entrepreneurship. Students are given a global vision whilst building respectable and ethical traits. They’re trained to be aware of the importance of learning from mistakes for deeper personal insight.

ESIC Business & Marketing School | A career that leads into entrepreneurship

The ESIC Campus in Madrid.

Nourishing the entrepreneurial spirit

ESIC’s founders and staff are strong believers in the potential of their students. The school’s commitment to culture and innovation, along with the desire to see its students flourish, inspired it to set up ESIC Entrepreneurial, giving students a platform to learn and improve the skills they need in order to develop their vision into an established business, whilst enriching their academic studies.

With this project, the school provides the necessary services and support for the entrepreneurs to excel in the marketplace. It provides in-house counsellors who are available throughout the process, and an ‘incubator’ service, which offers a place to work along with technical support, as well as opportunities to get in touch with investors and advice on how to approach them.

All of these services are available to ESIC students, but most of the activities and events organised by ESIC are open to anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. The school knows that one of the keys to entrepreneurial success is to network and learn from other like-minded people and their experiences.  “Besides the teachings and practices our students learn inside the classroom, we strongly encourage them to assist and participate in events, to learn to network and connect with the right people, to learn from their experiences, and to take part in specific workshops that will teach them new ideas and techniques,” says Vicente Arregui, chief of projects at ESIC Entrepreneurial.

ESIC Business & Marketing School | A career that leads into entrepreneurship

Start-up culture to lead the future 

From 24 to 26 February, in Barcelona, ESIC is exhibiting at the Mobile World Congress – the largest mobile event in the world – that brings together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology from more than 2,400 companies.

The event showcases tech workshops, talks from leaders in the digital industry, seminars and a wide variety of exhibitors, all to immerse visitors in a world of progress, expansion and digitisation.

Inside the Mobile World Congress, the start-up exhibition 4YFN (Four Years from Now) has become one of the most important start-up events of Europe. This event is an opportunity for new companies to showcase their innovations and how they’re trying to make the world a better place, connecting them with partners and investors.

ESIC provides everything needed to join the digital start-up revolution, the force that is disrupting the marketplace for the better. Understanding the changing ethical and work values and being able to adapt to them rapidly is something that many large businesses still struggle with.

Students of ESIC Business and Marketing School will be armed with an attitude for collaboration more than competition, a willingness to fail in order to learn, and the confidence to pivot towards new ideas, to build strong brands that can deliver on the promises that are aligned to today’s society, a culture that can lead us into a brighter future.


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