B arcelona may be one of the top places to consider for a holiday or even to live, but would it be the first place to come to mind when choosing a business school? Barcelona may seem all beaches and festivals, but in fact, it’s a great place for business, too. The city holds world-class conferences such as the Mobile World Congress, Retail Brand Experience World Congress, Startup Grind and Smart City World Expo, and attracts lots of new and progressive start-ups.

Its popularity as a holiday destination also means that there’s a great many companies dedicated to tourism, from hotels and tour companies to cookery schools, so it’s an ideal place to study if you’re interested in the business side of hospitality and tourism.

ESEI Business School is essentially a family business, which first opened in 1989 and draws on the city’s business opportunities to help teach its students and create innovative courses and projects. Located in a grand and beautiful house on the edge of the city, close to the mountains, this is not your usual campus. It offers a unique and elegant space in which to learn and focus. The school offers both Bachelors and Masters programmes in a variety of fields, from business management and digital entrepreneurship to tourism and hospitality management and international relations.

Esei Business School

Personal attention

The school was founded by Jorge Estera Sanza in order to develop international business in Barcelona. It aims to provide an all-round, internationally-focused education, which combines academic excellence in business studies with humanistic values. With an average of around 250 students and a maximum of 25 per class, the ESEI offers a lot of personal attention and can tailor projects around students’ interests and needs. All courses are taught in English and pupils are attracted from countries around the world, making the school a very multicultural environment, which sets students up well in the world of business. “We have had up to 90 different nationalities, but currently we have around 35, mostly from Europe, including countries such as the Netherlands, France, Italy and Germany, although we have quite a few from Morocco, too,” says business development manager Carlota Estera.

On- and off-campus learning

One of the things that sets the courses at ESEI apart from other business courses in the city are its links with businesses and its practical classes and projects, offering real world experiences. One example of this includes its partnership with the Hotel Majestic, one of Barcelona’s most luxurious hotels. Through project-based learning, students get to acquire first-hand knowledge about the way in which the hotel is run and managed. The school will also be launching a Masters in Sports Management in October 2020, in conjunction with Bruguera’s Tennis Academy. Because of its affiliations with businesses in the city, the school also helps organise internships and visits to companies.

Many modules are in fact taught outside the campus, in co-working spaces or in businesses themselves, so that students can network and learn the necessary business skills in the real world. The courses are accredited by UCAM – the Catholic University of Murcia in Spain, and also have connections with a couple of universities in the United Kingdom.

Esei Business School

Social and green

“In everything we do, we try to look at our social impact and green issues. Our courses also include volunteering in social leadership and a Go Green Project, which teaches about sustainability in business,” explains Carlota. When students complete their courses, ESEI prepares them with workshops about getting into the workforce and supports them in their job search or advises them on the processes of starting their own businesses. Each year, they hold a career fair in the garden, giving graduates the opportunity to meet companies and speed network. There are also a variety of other job fairs and conferences in the city, which students can attend.

Hotbed of talent

Graduates go on to have careers in everything from tech start-ups and multinational companies to even FTSE 100 and blue-chip companies. Some even go on to start their own businesses and become their own boss. “My favourite thing about our school is our personal touch and care for each student, enhancing their uniqueness. We dream with them and support them both personally and professionally,” concludes Carlota.

Barcelona is a great place to learn your trade and network with an international community. Whether you want to build your business locally or internationally, the city offers a hotbed of talent, knowledge and, of course, a great environment to learn and network.

Web: www.eseibusinessschool.com

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