Based in the town of Baronissi in Southern Italy, Studio Legale Scafuro offers a range of services to support international organisations and individuals who wish to operate and invest in Italy, as well as Italian businesses seeking to develop their business internationally. The firm is listed on the UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office website alongside other firms that support British and Italian citizens seeking legal advice in Italy.

“We establish a clear understanding of our clients’ business and goals, helping them capitalise on new opportunities as challenges in the industry continue to grow,” explains lawyer and founder Alfonso Scafuro. The firm has a varied client base, working with organisations across the world, from the UK and the US to China and Japan.

Scafuro set up Studio Legale Scafuro in 2007, after working for a number of years at international organisations and law firms where he gained extensive experience in international law. As a small boutique firm, it is able to provide personal, client-focused services.

“We take a traditional, innovative approach by providing holistic services to clients, implementing practical solutions that deliver results,” Scafuro continues. The firm advises companies at all stages in the corporate life cycle, from company formation to advising on contract creation and reviewing and drafting partnership agreements.

“We aim to find solutions to complex legal problems, with preventative legal services aimed at minimising risks and protecting clients’ business interests,” explains Scafuro. “Our team offers advice in a variety of areas, including tax advisory practice and legal translation to ensure compliance both in Italy and abroad.”

The firm also prides itself on protecting clients’ personal data. “We seek to build strong relationships with our clients. Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to safeguard privacy is of utmost priority.”

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