Travel is often about discovering different cultures and languages but the opportunity to experience this kind of variety in childhood is rare. Yet, this is exactly what international school the Collège-Lycée Lafayette in Nice, France, offers its students.

Welcoming pupils from across the globe – including Europe, Russia, Japan, and the USA – the school offers a world-class, international secondary education, as creative and accessible as it is rigorous

Students are taught in French and English, studying for demanding qualifications including the International Baccalaureate and University of Cambridge examinations, recognised by 20,000 organisations across 150 countries worldwide.

“We have many students who go on to study medicine, law or at French ‘grandes écoles’, such as the [global] EDHEC Business School,” explains headmaster Laurent Paulin. “They are great success stories.”

Indeed, Lafayette pupils graduate with exceptional levels of bilingualism and academic ability, as classes borrow the best parts from both the French National Education programme and the English National Curriculum.

For example, Mr Paulin explains, history lessons are in English, while French classes are likely to focus on great literature classics in the language of Molière.

Students also benefit from a well-equipped music room, and are encouraged to take part in theatre, dance, and talent shows. And, despite the school’s private status, children from a variety of backgrounds are invited to apply.

Mr Paulin explains: “My pupils are not all from privileged families. Our fees are deliberately not excessive. We work with everyone to develop our awareness, our values, and to allow everyone to access this education.

“Enabling so many young people to grow, and see them fly off towards their dreams – and then coming back to share their happiness with us – that’s what I am passionate about.”

Lafayette International School | Education without borders

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