Ibiza may have made a name for itself as a ‘party island’, but more enlightened travellers will know that its appeal goes far beyond parties and house music.

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With an average of 13 hours of sunshine per day in August and a breathtaking landscape, it is increasingly attractive to families, couples seeking romance and groups of friends, who are shunning nightclubs for daytime activities such as mountain trekking, kayaking or enjoying the pristine beaches.

This is where property consultants such as Ibiza Agents come in. With 15 years’ experience of the island’s holiday rental and sales markets, the company starts by assigning a dedicated agent to each enquiry, who will help clients personally through the entire booking or sales process.

Ibiza Agents

Clients can also use a full concierge service to organise day trips, beach club bookings, car or boat rental, or private chefs. Would-be-buyers can use this too, and request – for example – a dinner reservation after a long day of house hunting.

In each case, the first question is the same: where in the island would suit you best?

“This is the first step,” explains Lorena Levy, manager at Ibiza Agents. “Each part of the island has a different atmosphere, and depending on what the client is looking for, we recommend the best option. Some customers like the southwest, which is closer to the usual tourist sites, sunset beaches and downtown Ibiza, but others prefer the tranquillity and natural surroundings of the north.”

The style of the property is also a key consideration.

“Right now, there is a trend to renovate or build properties in an Ibizan style embodying the pure design of the island, such as the use of white and natural stone, and big windows – a real combination of old and new. On the other hand, others prefer minimalist-style villas, with modern lines and great views,” says Levy.

Whichever your preferred style, as a member of professional associations APIBIZA, AVAT and PIMEEF, the company offers a high level of trust and commitment, which other property sites may struggle to match.

Ibiza Agents

“Honesty is one of our best features,” explains Levy. “Unlike some online platforms, where sometimes the properties that appear do not exist in reality, we always prioritise the client’s needs, so they feel at home and in good hands. We ensure that your holiday home is guaranteed.”

Properties through Ibiza Agents are on offer all year round, too: yet another sign that the island has moved beyond its reputation for summertime partying.

“Ibiza is a good destination at any time of year,” says Levy. “We have clients who enjoy the quiet, and spend the winter here – especially when their own countries are so much colder. Ibiza has been known as a party island – but it is so much more than that.”

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