Bullying, the stresses of modern life or even overstimulation from the media can really affect how teenagers perceive themselves. It can lead to feelings of failure and struggling to stay motivated. It is important to target these issues early and help young ones gain a sense of direction and purpose in their lives. 

Goldie Uttamchandani is a family and teenager life coach based in Barcelona. She found her niche after giving regular talks in high schools in 2013. She talked about common issues that families go through and realised that teenagers were encouraged to share their feelings with her. She draws from her own experience to support children and their families who are struggling to belong in their new home, as she too has endured the pressures of moving to a new country and being perceived as ‘different’ by her peers.

Many of her clients have issues managing their time or need extra support in building their confidence. No matter what the issues are, Goldie’s process is very simple: she listens, showing genuine interest and finding the right questions to ask to get to the root of the problem. She works closely with her clients to find a solution, helping them to set attainable challenges to work towards reaching their goals. She knows that with the right tools and a lot of effort on their part, they can achieve powerful results.

“Coaching is not forever. After the end of your sessions, it should give you a sense of purpose, the power and the tools to face any stumbles that you may go through in your life,” says Goldie. After each session, she gives appropriate feedback to the parents, helping them to continue making progress by finding the right ways to keep open communication with their children, to support them once the coaching is finished. At the end of the day, as she puts it: “Children and teenagers are the future. By supporting them we are working towards creating a better society.”

Email: goldieuttam@gmail.com

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