Coffee Culture


With new coffee trends constantly emerging, coffee shops have to quickly adapt by becoming more versatile with their recipes.

Coffee lies at the heart of Ditta Artigianale, a micro-roastery and coffee shop in the heart of Florence. “We only source premium coffees from small ethical producers,” explains founder and owner Francesco Sanapo. “The idea behind Ditta Artigianale is to bring out the best of Italian craftsmanship and expertise in the world of coffee.”

Sanapo knows a thing or two about coffee. Three-time Italian barista champion, he has been voted Best Italian Coffee Taster 2019, and will represent Italy at the upcoming Coffee World Championships in June.

“We offer a huge variety of coffees, from simple espressos and filter coffees to flat whites and golden milk turmeric coffees. Our expert baristas have fun experimenting with coffee-based cocktails, such as our much-loved Negroni featuring a splash of coffee,” say Sanapo.

During the warmer months of the year, customers sip on Ditta Artigianale’s popular cold brew, prepared with coffee grounds that have been steeped in water for 12 hours. Different flavours include a zesty orange-infused version and a tonic water blend.

“I want to educate people on coffee,” continues say Sanapo. “I don’t want people to simply think of coffee as a quick way to get a caffeine fix. Coffee is much, much more than that. I want coffee to be enjoyed and appreciated for what it truly is, not as a medicine designed to wake us up. I’d really like to see people take five minutes to savour their coffee, pausing for a moment or two to fully enjoy its taste and aroma.”

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