“They’re long gone, but Jean’s grandparents still speak to him at night, reminding him of what to do,” laughs Anna Myers Fernandez, who manages all sales and admin at Château Gabachot outside Bordeaux. “And he’s a real perfectionist. The estate is immaculate – you could eat off the floor in the cellar. Which is amazing, because it means we’re always ready for visitors!”

Anna’s husband Jean inherited the property, and the wine-making gene, from both grandfathers. “I always think I fell in love with his wines before falling in love with him,” she says. “And he made both so easy.”

The Franco-American couple grows, makes and sells red, white and rosé, which doesn’t allow for much downtime. “Some people think we sit around all day sipping wine, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When we look out of the window, we just see everything that still needs to be done,” says Anna, “We have a permanent team of four, including us, so we are all very good at multitasking.”

Château Gabachot and Baby Felix Photo by Petite Souris Photographie

Photo: Petite Souris Photographie

She also travels the world promoting Château Gabachot. “I’m extremely proud of our wine, and would put it on a table next to any of the big names from this region. We keep it affordable, and our great quality means we always get returning customers.”

The Fernandez family recently welcomed a baby boy, and after the next harvest, Jean will be creating a ‘cuvée’ (blend) just for him. So, would Anna like the kids to work in the wine business? “When you are raised on a vineyard, in an area as rich in winemaking history as Bordeaux, everyone feels a connection to it, but I want them to make their own decision,” she says. But the estate may well have another generation of wine-makers waiting in the wings.

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