What better way to savour the soaring cliffs of the Emerald Coast of France than with a local craft beer in hand? A visit to the microbrewery Brasserie Fréheloise is a must for those looking to experience the best of Brittany’s beer with stunning surroundings to match.

After several years experimenting in his kitchen, Youenn Pibot decided to devote himself to brewer training in 2014. The very same year, he and his wife Sylvie began producing their first set of beers; each one stamped with the ancient Breton symbol of the stoat, or ‘ermine’. Fast-forward five years, and the couple own a thriving microbrewery dedicated to tasting, producing and selling, in the picturesque village of Fréhel.

The windswept setting of the Cap Fréhel peninsula is also the point of departure for the iconic transatlantic yacht race, the Route du Rhum, and the perfect place to stop by and enjoy a glass of the local brew. The brewery also stocks local products such as honey and fish rillettes caught fresh from the Brittany coastline.

Brasserie Fréheloise, The beauty of a Breton brew, Discover Southern Europe magazine

Right now, there is the ‘Dukez’ collection, which are gently spiced with the likes of cinnamon and coriander. The other is the ‘Rouanez’, which translates to ‘queen’ from the original Breton – its roots firmly Celtic. “We created the ‘Rouanez-Aour’ amber ale for the festive season, but due to popular demand, we’ve brewed it every other season of the year, too!” Youenn laughs. “It recently won the Silver Medal at a food competition, out of more than a thousand beers.”

La Fréheloise is now also producing an organic selection, and welcomes visitors to learn about the chemistry of brewing. Tours can be organised on request.

Brasserie Fréheloise, The beauty of a Breton brew, Discover Southern Europe magazine

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