Championing the local food movement in the Val d’Oise area of the Paris region, the Brasserie d’Orville is a brewery committed to producing award-winning craft beers. They carry out the entire process themselves – from growing the barley, right through to bottling.

The family farm in Louvres has been cultivating crops for more than a century, but a little over a year ago, brothers Julien and Thibaut Baron decided to brew artisanal beer using their own produce. “It gives more meaning to farming; we know exactly what goes into the bottle as everything is grown in our fields,” says Thibaut, one half of the brother duo. Even the barley for malting is produced on-site – a rarity found in the craft beer universe.

Brasserie d' Orville, A grain-to-glass family affair, Discover Southern Europe magazine

Their efforts have come to fruition for their ‘Hoppy Pony’ IPA, which received a Gold Medal at the 2019 ‘Concours Générale Agricole’ in Paris. Striving for quality has certainly paid off, with a set of six beers that has collectively won nine medals. The siblings continue to push boundaries in the craft beer realm, as Thibaut reveals: “Some exciting products in the pipeline include a stronger barley wine, and beer finished in Cognac, Bourbon and Jamaican rum casks.”

Brasserie d' Orville, A grain-to-glass family affair, Discover Southern Europe magazine

As of September 2019, the Brasserie will open a shop and convivial bar with a terrace overlooking the estate – a wonderful spot to enjoy a cold glass. “Here, visitors can learn all about production; this fosters a deeper connection to our beers, which they can then go on to enjoy at the bar,” explains Thibaut.

Empowering other local businesses, you can find their products in smaller shops throughout Paris.

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